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Let's Face It - 

You are either THE DUCKER or THE DUCKED!

You may have heard about "Flocking" someone's yard and you may have heard about Jeepers "Ducking" one another's Jeep as a sign of appreciation. W3 have combined those two ideas and created our own "DUCKING" Fundraiser! Now you can help us raise money towards our charity and have fun while doing it!


          A simple Donation of $20 will allow our W3 Raft of Ducks to find comfort in someone's yard for 3 - 4 days. W3 do all of the leg work for you and leave you anonymous; unless they chose to start a squabble and donate to reveal your true identity.  


          Did you wake up this morning, go to leave for work and found yourself staring at your front yard saying "What the DUCK?" Well, do not worry - Your neighbors will be thinking the same thing for the next  3 - 4 days as our Wenches with Winches raft of ducks have decided to call your yard their home.

  • Need them gone sooner?

    • W3 will gladly accept a $10 donation and send our Duck Removal Services to your home.

  • Are your feathers all ruffled?

    • W3 will gladly accept a $5 donation and reveal who your secret DUCKER was.

  • Want to DUCK It Forward?

    • W3 will gladly accept a $20 donation to send our raft of ducks onto their next planned destination.

  • Feel the need to share?

    • W3 will gladly accept a $35 donation for you to keep all of our Ducklings and you can use them to #DuckDuckJeep any Jeeps that you find in the wild.

    • The larger ducks and the blow up duck will be picked up at the end of the nesting period to continue ducking other houses.

  • Not phased by our raft?

    • Tuck your head under your wing and take a nap. W3 will be by in the next few days to call our ducks back home. 

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