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The inspiration for the LiveLikeMak Foundation is the amazing life of Makenna Roberts who valiantly fought Metastatic Ewing's Sarcoma. She lived every day with a fierce determination to live life to the fullest. She was an example of happiness despite challenges you face, joy in your journey, and laughter amongst trials. Where a warrior once walked, an angel now soars, with a soul that continues to carry life, light and love. 

In honor of this beautiful Jeepher, W3 will have a tribute trail ride the in June every year. Please check out our Current Events for the most up to date information about this ride. 

W3 have become closer and more united through this journey and strive everyday to #livelikemak!

For more information about this amazing Utah Jeepher and how to support the continuation of her bucket list, please check out the LiveLikeMak Foundation webpage.  

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