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Legacy Offroad Recovery Training 101 Class

Legacy Offroad Recovery Training 101 Class




Have you been in a situation where you were hopelessly stuck or worried about being stuck miles from help?


Offroad enthusiasts of all experience levels turn to our classes when they:

•Want to learn about how to clearly think through extraction options for self or team extraction.

•Want to spend some time using and getting comfortable with recovery gear in a safe and controlled setting.

•Want to learn about different types of gear and where to start when assembling a kit list.

•Want to learn and practice tried and true recovery techniques.


Legacy Offroad Recovery Training delivers training in a controlled environment where we cover both theoretical and more important hands-on training to today's best practices in recovery techniques. We have extensive experience in On- and Off-road recovery. We use that experience to teach you tried and true calculations and methods to get you out safely.


101 Intro to Offroad Recovery

▪︎Scene Assessments

▪︎Recovery Calculations

▪︎Traction Boards

▪︎Hi Lift Jacks

▪︎Attachment Points

▪︎Straps - Static and Kinetic

▪︎Winch Operation

▪︎Pully Blocks

▪︎And The Pendulum Maneuver!


This Class normally values at $100/person!

  • Rules

    • Class size is limited and additional slots will NOT be added, once sold out, it's sold out! Act fast!
    • Due to the limited capacity of this class, this event is for WENCHES ONLY! No guests will be allowed to attend or participate in this class. 
    • Discount codes CANNOT be used for this item. 
    • Refunds will NOT be offered. If you have registered for the class and cannot make it, you can transfer your ticket to another W3 member by emailing 
    • All purchases will be verified through the Wenches with Winches Facebook Group to ensure membership.
  • Legacy OffRoad Gift Certificates

    If you received a Gift Certificate during our 12 Days of Giveaways for a Legacy OffRoad class registration - EMAIL ADMIN at to secure your spot!

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