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Wenches With Winches

Official Membership

In keeping in line with other off-road groups, Wenches with Winches is embarking on a new adventure! In an effort to elevate the knowledge and skill sets for women in the Jeep and off-road community, W3 are happy to announce that Wenches with Winches is now offering an official membership, strictly for our Jeephers. By becoming a member, you will be provided an opportunity to access increased training, support our local shops with exclusive discounts and contribute more to the greater Utah communities through various charity efforts. 


Benefits & Perks

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With our Administration and Moderator Teams operating on a purely volunteer basis, the funds raised from your membership dues will be able to be given back to our members and surrounding communities. Each year W3 will declare a mission that is our way of choosing how our efforts will be focused for that year. For 2021, W3 will be contributing 20% of your Membership Fee to sponsoring a local Utahn Jeepher and contribute to her education to become a mechanic. 


This exciting new endeavor allows us to experience new opportunities and advance in the ranks of the

off-roading community. W3 cannot wait for you to join us - BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!

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