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Below are all of our winners from the Wenches with Winches 12 Days of Giveaways

December 12th - 

Day 1: 

CODE4LED Fog Lights/W3 Trail Sac/$50 Gift Certificate for Apex/Alignment with Impulse Offroad
Winner: JoyLynne Markos

December 13th - 

Day 2:

Nilight 4' Whip Light/W3 Flag/Fairlead
Winner: Margeret Schults

December 14th -

Day 3:

Legacy Off-Road Recovery Class/Factor55 FlatLink E (Expert) and Rope Guard

Winner: Susan Scadden

December 15th -

Day 4:

Devos Outdoor LightRanger/Off-Road Recovery Class
Winner: Codi Call


December 16th -

Day 5:

Nilight 5' Whip Light/W3 Flag/Fairlead

Winner: Susan Scaddy

December 17th -
Day 6:

Factor 55 Hitchlink/Apex Deflators/Oil Change with Tunex SJ
Winner: Codi S Call


December 18th - 

Day 7:

Legacy Off-Road Recovery Class/Spare Tire Trash Bag/Service Step

Winner: Stephanie Larsen


December 19th -

Day 8:

Apex Deflators/Soft Shackles (2)/Oil Change with Tunex SJ

Winner: Kathleen O'Dell

December 20th -
Day 9:

Rockslide Engineering Tailgate Table/31" Lightbar

Winner: Susan Scaddy


December 21st -

Day 10:

ARB Single Air Compressor/Full Synthetic Oil Change

Winner: Thelissa Plyer


December 22nd - 

Day 11:

Rock Jock Trac Bar (JL or JK)/2 Free Hours of Labor with Best Offroad

Winner: Andrea Upah

December 23rd -

Day 12:

Full Ceramic Coating with 7 Year Warranty

Winner: Thelissa Plyer

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